Pawel Pawel Tokajuk - Names - Orthodoxia

Pawel Pawel Tokajuk

  • Bishop, B of Hajnówka, vicar Warszawa+Bielsk
  • * in Sanok (son of orthodox priest in Orla).
  • absolv orth Seminary Warszawa.
  • mon (monastery St. Onufrij in Jableczna).
  • Secretary of Metropolitan Sawa.
  • diak (Metr Sawa).
  • regular training of Karate Tsunami in Central School of Karate in Warszawa; during 7th Police Open Karate Tsunami championship: Gold medal and two bronze medals.
  • absolv Christian Theol Academy Warszawa
  • Archdeacon.
  • Member of the Delegation of the Polish Orthodox Church at the Panorthodox Synod in Crete.
  • absolv School for modern languages at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.
  • priest.
  • nominated auxiliary bishop of diocese Warszawa+Bielsk by the Bishops' Assembly (title: B of Hajnówka, vacant since the death of A Miron [Chodakowskij] in the crash of airplane Tu-154 near Smolensk in 2010).
  • ordination as B scheduled at St. Mary Magdelene Cathedral Warszawa.