Andrzej Andrzej Borkowski - Names - Orthodoxia

Andrzej Andrzej Borkowski

  • B Supraśl, vicar Białystok-Gdańsk
  • Supraśl
  • * Białystok
  • orth Seminary Warszawa.
  • MTheol at Christian Theological Academy Warszawa (ChAT) ("The role of prayer in the monastic tradition of the Orient").
  • greek language course at University of Athens.
  • Master Athens.
  • Dr.theol. Athens: "The fight of the Orthodox Patriarchates against the Unions in Poland during the last 20 years of the 17th century".
  • head of the monastery Annunciation of the Mother of God and St. John the Theologian in Supraśl.
  • associated lecturer to the chair of orthodox theology at the University of Białystok.
  • archiman
  • Delegate of the Polish Orthodox Church at the Panorthodox Synod in Crete.
  • nominated B of Supraśl, vicar Białystok-Gdańsk by the Bishops' Assembly.
  • B Suprasl St. Nicolas Cathedral in Białystok.