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Melkesedeq Habtemaryam Warqnah

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  • * "Habtemaryam" Debre Tabor Gondar.
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  • stud Chalki Ecumenical Patriarchate Turkey.
  • Liqesiltanat . He was the second person to hold the title of Liqe Siltanat which was created for the dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa (the first was Abba Meliktu Jenbere who became Patriarch Abune Theophilos). As Liqe Siltanat he served Emperor Haile Selassie as special advisor on religious affairs
  • Director St. Paul's Ecclesiastical School.
  • prison. Membre délégation EOC Dialogue avec les Eglises Orthodoxes.
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  • Dean St. Paul's Theological Seminary.
  • Outside Ethiopia since 1992.
  • Berkeley Chief Secretary Holy Legitimate Synod
  • scisma ended. After years of negotiations at reconciliation which was encumbered by the hostility of the then Ethiopian government, a breakthrough was achieved with the active endorsement by Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in July 2018, and the schism ended with Abune Merkorios returning to Ethiopia to share the Patriarchal throne with Abune Mathias.
  • passed to the Lord