Bernabas Birhane Mesqel Inqubahereï - Names - Orthodoxia

Bernabas Birhane Mesqel Inqubahereï

  • Bishop, B of Wague Hemra
  • Wague Hemra
  • EOC Patriarchate, P.O.Box 1283,
  • Addis Ababa
  • * (3.10.1968):
  • traditional church studies on high level (as a teacher) from different church schools; studies Bible commentary of the Old Testament (Kings, Psalms, Isaias) and the New Testament.
  • teacher for 5 years in Sequota Debre Genet Medhanéalem church; dogma teacher at monastery of Lalibela, North Wello.
  • ordained bishop (9.11.2009).