Aregawi Haile Maryam Melesse - Names - Orthodoxia

Aregawi Haile Maryam Melesse

  • Bishop, former Dire-Dawa and Djibouti
  • Dire-Dawa and Djibouti
  • EOC Patriarchate, P.O.Box 1283,
  • Addis Ababa
  • Passed to the Lord
  • Loza Mariam in Northern Gonder
  • diak (1968).
  • traditional church studies; Diploma from Sewaswe Birhane Collee; BTheol form Holy Trinity Theological College; PhD from Pretoria University.
  • mon (1984).
  • head of many parish churches in Holeta diocese; head of Evangelization and Apostolic Missionary Work in Patriarchal Office; Vice and academic Dean of Holy Trinity Theological College; Vice manager of Patriarchal Office.
  • representative of all Oriental Churches as Member of th Executive committee of WCC.
  • A Dire-Dawa and Djibouti