Ioann Georgij Roshchin - Names - Orthodoxia

Ioann Georgij Roshchin

  • Metropol, former Wien+Austria
  • Moskva

  • * Moskva
  • stud Fac Iur Moskva
  • monastery Pskov
  • Seminary Moskva
  • commission Editions Patr Moskva
  • Department External Relations Patr Moskva
  • stud Fac Theol St. Vladimir's New York
  • stud Fac Phil Catholic University Washington
  • diak (M Kirill Smolensk+Kaliningrad)
  • priest (M Kirill Smolensk+Kaliningrad)
  • mon (B Feognost)
  • B Naro-Fominsk, vikar Moskva, administrator Russian parishes USA
  • B Bogorodsk, managing parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate in Italy.
  • appointed Head of the Patriarchal Exarchate in Western Europe with the title “Korsunsky and Western European” while maintaining the interim administration of the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in Italy.
  • M
  • M Vienna+Austria and Budapest+Hungary.
  • was released from the administration of the Budapest-Hungarian diocese with a change of title to the title of “Vienna and Austria”.
  • retired. Resides in Moscow.