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Meletios Konstantinos Koumanis

  • Metropol, M Carthage
  • Carthage
  • 5, Rue de Rome
  • Tunis
  • 1000
  • +216 71 331775 tel: 00216-22921606
  • *Kalamata Messinia.
  • graduate of Athens Higher Ecclesiastical School and of the Department of Social Theology of the Theological School of Athens; graduate of the School of Catechists of the Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece; languages: English, Russian, Arabic.
  • mon. (Holy Boulkanou Monastery in Messinia)
  • diak. (later Metr Chrysostomos Themelis of Messinia).
  • priest.
  • archim.
  • Chairman of the Council for administration and management of the Ecclesiastical Camps of the Metropolis of Messinia for their renovation.
  • Abbot of Holy Boulkanou Monastery.
  • transferred to Patriarchate of Alexandria; appointed parish priest of the Patriarchal Church St. Savvas in Alexandria.
  • Sacristan of the Patr Throne.
  • abbot of the Patr Monastery St. Savvas (by Patr Theodoros II); teacher at Patr Academy in Alexandria.
  • elected B Navkratos, assistant.
  • B Naucratis (Patr Theodoros II).
  • Metr Carthage.